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7 Must Dos for Digital Marketing Success.

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

1. Know your TARGET audience.

The keyword here is target. You may have a customer base, mailing list or other resources but you have to dial into who they are and what message do you want to deliver. Establish a goal and make sure that you send your message to the best “target” audience that has a propensity to respond to your message.

For example. If your goal is to offer a discount to engage first time buyers, don’t send your message to existing customers. If you do, it makes you look unorganized and your customer perceives you as not being aware of their status or needs.

Once you’ve discovered the right audience, it’s time to

2. Establish the language you’ll use to communicate with them. This language often varies per your personal targets. For example, where are they in the buying cycle? What language are they using when searching for your products or services? It’s very important to consider various scripts for your target audience based on their personal preferences and experiences.

3. Vet your assumptions.

Use tools to support your opinions on the messages you feel are needed for these audiences. Online comments, reviews and blogs are a few excellent resources to qualify your assumptions about your audience.

4. Test it!

Remove any doubts and confirm that your analysis is correct by using a sample selection of your targeted list and launch a test campaign. Review the results of your test and amend your message if needed. This extra step is often viewed as a delay but it’s a very important element to assure your campaign is effective.

5. Know the online user and how they are searching for your product or service.

Establish good SEO practices for your market. Adhering to Google SEO best practices will be instrumental in attracting qualified visitors to your site. You will also need to vet the keywords you feel are needed for your site pages. Knowing the demand for the keywords you’ve selected will increase the quality of your site visitors.

6. Provide high-quality content.

Content that offers quality information to users is great but make sure the Search Engines deem your content acceptable as well. Use original content. Curating can be an excellent way of sharing content but remember, you are considered an expert in your field if you offer original content. Make sure you provide content that users will value but will also want to share with others. Your shared content will help increase your rankings and credibility.

7. User-friendly website.

Provide a user-friendly interface on your website. A site that is more easily navigated will outperform a sloppy one. A good user experience (UX) will create longer times on pages and result in higher search engine rankings and ultimately lead to more visitors.

Consider these elements for a good UX; easy navigation, fast load times, mobile-friendly, viewable in all browsers, and proper bread crumbs.

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