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  • Julie Jones

Increase Your Business (and Give Your Budget a Break) by Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a form of online marketing in which an advertiser only pays for an advertisement when a visitor clicks on their link. It is essentially a way to “buy” visits to your site. This model prevents advertisers from wasting the bulk of their budgets on campaigns and ads targeting the wrong audience. Search engines and social networks such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter are the primary offerors of PPC ads. Besides the obvious financial benefits, pay-per-click is one of the easiest ways to control, monitor, and effectively measure the traffic flowing to your site.

How does PPC work?

Pay-per-click advertising is primarily based on using keywords. Keywords are terms that define what your content or product is all about. When your advertisement’s targeted keywords are included in a search, your ad will appear in the searcher’s results. When the searcher clicks the link to visit your site, you pay the host a small fee. This is where the “pay-per-click” term came into being. Companies rely on using relevant keywords to drive more traffic to their search results, leading to link clicks and higher profits.

What are some specific advantages to using PPC advertising?

Maybe the most obvious benefit to using pay-per-click marketing is that you only pay for the visits your site receives. In other advertising models you pay a flat fee for an ad being displayed, but there is no guarantee the ad will produce site visits. PPC creates a direct link between money spent and the actual number of visitors to your site. You can set the budget per day and control how much you spend on each ad campaign.

Another advantage to using PPC is the ability to monitor your advertising investment in real-time. Pay-per-click allows you to measure and track your traffic to get a clear picture of your ad’s performance. With the data available, it is easy to see if an advertisement is working or not. Pay-per-click allows you the unique opportunity to see your ad’s profitability or lack-there-of with no delay. You can make edits to your keywords while your ad is running to optimize results.

Reaching the correct audience for your specific site or product is also a big point for PPC.

Only the users you target through keywords will see your advertisement in their search results. This produces more traffic because the audience seeing your ad is more likely to click on it. This creates a higher chance of yielding profit from the visit. Precise and appropriate keywords can help you reach an audience that would otherwise be

unaware of your brand.

Lastly, you are in control with pay-per-click advertising. You decide when, where, and for whom your ad is displayed. You chose the platform, location, and keywords.

The level of control you get with PPC is undeniable. Proven to be reliable, trackable, and customizable, pay-per-click marketing just makes sense. It is the low-risk, high-yield method that boils it down to one simple concept— you get what you pay for.

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