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What marketing strategy will work best for 2021?

Technology has made doing business during a pandemic easier. Case in point,

  1. Conference Calls

  2. Zoom Meetings

  3. Work From Home

  4. Digital Marketing

However, unless you embrace the technologies, you can’t benefit from them. So what will work in 2021 to make your business successful? Well, the answer is different for various businesses depending on the business model. But, one answer is very clear for

everyone… NOTHING will work unless YOU do.

If we’ve learned anything from the COVID19 pandemic, it is that we have to be innovative and discover new and additional ways to do business in order to stay in the race.

From Hubspot / Kayla Carmichael

Ten years ago, I couldn't have cared less if the new burger place downtown had a website. Now, I don't trust one that doesn't. If your business is online, you're a part of the digital transformation. But it's not enough these days to just "be online." Businesses that will thrive in 2021 that are operating online — and the COVID-19 pandemic has proved this.”

“Operating online” doesn’t only mean e-commerce. You can increase your digital presence by including your product/service descriptions, providing online booking options, offering live chat options, etc. All of these elements of digital marketing improve your online business operations. Regardless if you have an online store or not!

  • SEO plays a very important role when it comes to being found on search engines when a consumer needs your product or service. See more here.

  • Social media helps to authenticate your business and brand to new customers. See more here.

  • Customer reviews can improve your value proposition to new customers. See more here.

  • Digital / Display ads can be targeted by user, location, behaviors and more. See more here.

See more from Hubspot here on digital transformation for businesses.

For more information on customizing a digital transformation for your business, contact me today!

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