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When can a large number of page likes and followers be a bad thing?

FACT: FB/Instagram initially only serves your posts to 20% of your followers. So, if you have a large amount of followers who have liked your page as a result of;

  1. You asked them to but they have no interest in your business/products/services

  2. You offered a “follow for follow” deal but neither party ever likes, shares or comments

  3. You ask your employees and customers to follow your page but never encourage advocacy

  4. You paid for page followers


If the 20% who see your post don’t like, share and/or comment… the social channel (powers that be) don’t show your post to a larger demographic. However, if your post results in likes, shares and comments… it is then shared with a larger percentage of your followers. So, having a smaller number of followers who are more engaged with your brand ultimately helps you increase your branding and message goals. This is also the reason for publishing relative content.


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