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Printing Company Melbourne, Fl

James Garris Marketing is a printing company built on a foundation of quality and integrity. We offer you honest, straightforward pricing and reliable service.

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James Garris Marketing is the most reliable printing company in Melbourne, FL. Our team helps businesses create striking print marketing campaigns that connect to their audience and convert sales. Our print marketing services bring into reality just about any print marketing campaign that you can imagine, from business cards to trade show displays and so much more.


Print advertising is a powerful way to reach a targeted audience in your local community. While digital marketing makes it possible to reach a broader market, print marketing focuses your marketing efforts on a niche group of consumers in your area. The benefit of reaching a more specific audience in your local area is that your marketing dollars generate a better return on your investment than a “spray and pray” method.


Print marketing originated in the 15th century, and this form of marketing is still going strong in the digital age. Print advertising, including direct mail marketing, has an average of a 10%-12% customer response rate.

More than that, people tend to remember brands better if they have seen a print ad from that brand than if they saw a digital ad from the same brand. The more often potential clients see a brand, the more trust they gain in that brand and the more likely they are to purchase something from that company. 

Print marketing includes everything that is, well, printed. This can be anything and everything from business cards and flyers or brochures and signage like trade show displays, posters, and banners. 


Maintaining Our Fair Prices

James Garris Marketing is a printing company in Florida that is built on a foundation of quality, authenticity, and integrity. We offer you honest, straightforward pricing and reliable service.


As a 100% family-owned and operated company, James Garris Marketing aims to put the needs of our customers first. We strive to have the best pricing in the market, all without sacrificing the quality and integrity of our products. With no one to report to but ourselves and you, our valued customer, we're able to pass our savings on to you while providing quality products at the same time!


Our Mission

To promote our clients' brands by delivering high-quality, effective marketing and communications products that create awareness, motivate action, and build brands. We offer unique marketing services that are tailored to your specific needs. We draw on our extensive expertise and experience in the marketing field to help you navigate and craft a distinctive brand voice and print marketing campaign.


What We Offer

At James Garris Marketing, we offer a plethora of print marketing products and services that support your brand. From business cards to tradeshow displays, we have you covered. Our team of print marketing experts and graphic designers will work with you to capture your brand voice and image to grow your brand recognition. The end result is professionally designed and produced printed marketing products that are sure to wow you and your clients.


If you can imagine it, we can make it a reality.

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